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Judiciary Last Hope

It is not uncommon for institutions to be strong, free from political interference, working on the Merit Line, which cannot be ignored; these are the key points that will contribute to the growth, success, success, economic, The role of the frontrunner in social reforms but in my country the importance and utility of these points has been limited to the government papers, in each period the rulers considered the institutions as house slaves and used them for personal gain, political recruitment. Appointments, exchanges adversely affected the credibility of the institutions and damaged public confidence; Badal and he considered the judiciary to be the last hope. The judiciary also responded to the voices of people in distress, suffering, sorrow and pain, who called for help.

We have seen a number of Somoto notices in protecting the basic issues and rights of the people, which, if not all, have solved many problems and the public has been disappointed, but alas this good has also been criticized, today the former chief justice Pakistan Justice Retired Saqib Nisar made his first visit to Karachi after his retirement and addressed two places, in which he had to explain the somoto notices taken for the service of humanity, which he gave very well and some incidents. Also mentioned
He said that when he was the Chief Justice, there was a case of abuse of a girl, on which the police asked the bribe of the victim’s family for an FIR. She came to the Family Court, reminding them of another incident. During the age of several students knocked on the court door, these students were bribed in the name of admissions.

Former Chief Justice said that every Somoto took on an issue, which I could justify and answer, read it and prayed to Saqib Nisar and thought that in the end he too was human, he had a heart and thought. They understand, explain what will happen to them, what they are feeling.

Then think why they would think so, because they have done what is pleasing to Allah, by which the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is alive, who has mercy on the earth. God bless him, anyone says anything, I salute Saqib Nisar Sahib as a Pakistani citizen, pay tribute to his services.

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