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Kashmir is confined to the voice of the subcontinent

If Kashmir was only a problem for Kashmiris, the majority of Kashmiris for the better years of the last years would have raised the bodies in the horrifying sounds of thunderous bullets shot in the jaws of the army, with no end to hunger, nakedness, poverty and insecurity. In the enslavement, a revolt in the freedom struggles is not ready to bend with any hope, but this need, a wish, is diminished every time in a dramatic way by the chanting of oppressed Kashmiris in the world today.

There is not a region in which the people of the country do not hear the rulers say Kashmiris are oppressed, convicted. Yryun are given very qrbabyan for their freedom and even those states baqdadh occupied Kashmir, the military aims Never leave the illegal occupation of protection and each of these appointments Kashmir and the tanks.

The fuel burned in the missiles is the sweat and blood of the labor of their own people who, despite hard work and perspiration, are forced to live the lives of the majority of animals in the 21st century.

The rulers of these states also do not hesitate to shed a tussle on every platform, from the front of the puppet of the United States to the capitalists. If these rulers were sincere, they would have done four wars in the last good years to kill thousands of young mothers. What a horrible, barbaric thing it must be in human beings to destroy orphans, but it is all a generation of human beings, but humanity is dying to sprinkle salt on their wounds far away because it is an outdated bloody system. Is productive.

There is a question of protecting a more oppressive system than the majority of the people of Sikkim. The important thing here is that with the excuse of the rulers there is an impression among the masses that the army has taken over their responsibilities while protecting Kashmir. There is this false impression among the people that the ration water of the Kashmiri oppressors is the responsibility of these states and the Kashmiris are being raided. If there is no paddy, then the rulers of both the states have created a vein and the other is an integral part If Kashmir is the responsibility of these states, then it is adoption that is brotherhood and this adoption is brotherhood.

What happens when the Kashmiri people raise the slogan of liberation which is a natural necessity due to the lack of basic necessities of death, then what will happen to the people of India and Pakistan from the al-Qaeda such as dishonesty and salt haram? Because the people on both sides were never taught the truth, but always lied to patriotism, and religious theft, and in a proprietary system, no one could feel any kind of brotherhood or adoption. It cannot be because attitudes and relationships are also a reflection of material creation, but conscious human beings People from both sides can never be frightened because the rulers of this one and a half billion people have never given this people a list of things to think about, nor do they have the basic facilities that their people can reach a conclusion or human behavior. The uproar is correct if these people show their acceptance to the Kashmiri libertarians on the basis that the bloody partition of the subcontinent has divided us.

And we reject this division and we are a unit in the subcontinent then it would be fine and no Kashmiri consciousness can deny this relationship because the common culture of the inhabitants of Kashmir and India, Pakistan for centuries has flourished but this After the bloody partition, these rulers have poisoned so-called love, fanaticism, fundamentalism, and religious extremism.

It is also considered here that this property, extremism is not only for Kashmiris but it is also for hatred and al-Qa’ab Sindhi nationalists. Baluchi also goes through such a situation and this is the case with India’s separatists and intellectuals. The same is true for those who do. From the difficult conditions, as far as a false impression of Kashmir is spread, it has to be understood by the people here. As a result of the bloody partition, if there was one body with Kashmir, then Kashmir had a body in it. Before the bloody partition, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistani-controlled and Indian-controlled Kashmir was a unit, as the rulers of these two states related to Kashmir tried to put Kashmiri oppression before their people.

Thus the Kashmiri toll on Kashmir, which is more loyal to Pakistani and Indian rulers than Kashmir, also did not teach the people of the occupied states to be a unit of human relations or a subcontinent in the past. Rather, it has tried to establish a poisonous hatred of hatred against one another with religious color, and so in the past and today, the leadership of the leftist majority nationalist parties and organizations, rather than the imperialism of this capitalist system, considered the economic subcontinent. Without becoming aware of social and geographical status and utility With this clear ideology of right conduct and wisdom, counting the area of ​​Kashmir and calling the rulers of the occupied states oppressive, they also looked at the people of these states with contempt and tried to fill the hatred and extremism among the youths below. The first prerequisite for a libertarian and a revolutionary is to be ready for any struggle.

Revolution is not an out-of-the-box quality name, access to the corners of our self, the groves The first step in the path of the Great Revolution is to dedicate ourselves to humanity and humanity after acquiring, testing our abilities, knowing the purpose, and making every page of our book appear as open book to everyone in this way. The first prerequisite is that the liberals hate the people of their own class, or look at them with contempt, hate and contempt create hopelessness and extremism, and the destination of freedom can be reached. Must be hated but not because of a nation, religion, race but because of being a protector of a bloody system. It is essentially the foundation of a system that can be eradicated with a clear vision and strategy. Kashmir today is suffering from wounds and it is the body of the subcontinent that wounds all over the subcontinent. Have to understand heart disease.

What are the political financial interests of those rulers for whose sake they have failed to listen to the voice of half a billion people, Pakistan and India in their contradictions that Kashmir is inadvertently burdened with regard to Kashmir. A former prime minister of Pakistan, Zafarullah Khan, has admitted that if Kashmir goes with India, our position in the region will go like a mazar because the water that irrigates the plains of Pakistan is the Nilem, Jhelum, Chenab. All come out of Kashmir and then in 1947 the proportion of forests in Kashmir was 40% but those forests The Timber Mafia has brought them up to 8% of the ruin which the Timber Mafia is also presenting in the wealth of their rulers and their wealth, and the beauty of Kashmir in these forests is that of wild animals like snow, won the red deer. And somewhere the animals are in the zoos of Pakistan and India or they will sell them.

Today, with the life of a human being like hell, the beauty of the forests is waning with the birds being born, the tourist destinations are being destroyed and the land-sloping landslide is cut off by the relentless cutting of the forests. Kashmiris who ruined their lands, homes and built power dams, but Delhi and Islamabad are bright with the power generated by these dams, just as the palaces of the rulers of Pakistan and India are bright but the general public. Loadshedding is suffering but the palaces of such puppet rulers of Kashmir remain bright but the common man common Kashmir This is what Erik is suffering from.

Mineral exploitation continues in Gilgit-Baltistan with Jammu and Kashmir, but Kashmir’s quality of education facilities are inadequate for the residents. All infrastructures are shattered and no major industry exists. Kashmiri youth can sell their labor and eat bread with honor, so the majority of Kashmiris migrate from there whose young people are burned in the Diarrhea and in Central Asia, Europe, the Kashmiri laborers sell their labor and bring them back to these states. Are the backbone of declining economies.

The Kashmiri people have been marginalized by the rulers of the states who have never been able to teach the truth to their people due to their historical inability and in this people have been sowing the seeds of fundamentalism in the name of defense and arms procurement. The people who have always been fooled by the IMF instead of the public representatives who are acting as a subsidiary of the capitalists have been the pimps and have been supportive of the war industry they have been supporting. Their commissions have been coming and coming and fulfilling financial interests across their own territory by doing plays of peace whenever both of these races.

When their rulers begin to discuss the problems faced by their people’s resistance, then Kashmir is refreshed. The hostilities of the two states are awakened. The integrity of the states is threatened. The threat of hostility to the state reaches the eighth level and Kashmiri mujahideen attack the Indian state or are plotting against Pakistan if the Kashmiri mujahideen have individual terrorism which they should not do. Big terrorists do in return for Indian rulers who oppress these rulers on terrorism And instead of shedding tears for the poor, the poor should see how they openly terrorize the non-human beings in Kashmir, but blast bombs are the result of the good years they suffer.

What is the status of life in them? It would not be in any sense impossible to take such a revenge as there is no clear ideological path to liberation from a young life, and it is possible even in these bitter situations, but it is possible for the individual. Terrorists are also buying the gold of states that attract the most vulnerable youths to radicalization and terrorism, who are safeguarding themselves with their own children and fueling the youths who continue to rule the states. And then both these states, even after the fall of British imperialism Miraj has been arrogant to make his people a cat goat for the sake of various imperialism at different times. The imperialist imprint of the US on the Pakistani state has always been clear, but whenever Pakistan has another US imperialism. To be seduced by The US imperialists created tensions in Kashmir to refresh the imperial rule, and refreshed India, Pakistan’s war-ravaged territories, and at times attacked the Kashmiris. Bleed and bleed the atmosphere and fulfilled their interests.

Today the Kashmiris are submissive, oppressed, oppressed, but they are not separate from the rest of the sub-continent, they revolt repeatedly, but as the rulers shed the tusks to become the protector of this system and the burden on the rest of the Kashmir sub-continent. Offering such a burden not Kashmir at all, without the opinion of the Kashmiris, one state wants to conquer Kashmir and the other does not want the rulers to do so.

The rulers have no regard for the Kashmiris who have the basic right to withdraw from the forces of both countries. To give them the right to dispose of their opinion, but in the case of these arbitrary rulers, It may not seem feasible, but it will only take half a billion people full of humanity to the brink of destruction in order to fulfill their own interests, which in the name of patriotism and religious fundamentalism will bring the subcontinent into civil wars, assassinations, unrest and hunger. And have created a region full of insecurities.

The poisoning of prejudices and human relationships will continue until the rulers will create fake bonds, breaking the bonds of the subcontinent, working hard, subjugating Kashmir as a class, and every part of this bloody system. Breaking the bonds, not everyone recognizes the freedom of the other, the basis of human society.

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