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Lahore Kashmir reveals some bitter facts

As human beings, our ideas and religions may differ, but our true identity is humanity. If God will ignore the human tradition altogether then what is the difference between us and the wild beasts. After a thorough study of many religions I have come to the conclusion that sending avatars, prophets and inspirational books from the throne to the floor. Back then, there were goals for making Adam known to humanity for the success of both worlds.

For those claiming secularism, Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, oppression does not seem to justify human rights, but the voices of their fellow human beings are heard in East Timor and South Sudan.
In order to promote humanity, Islam found revolution in the world, Islam ended traditions of despising women and enslaving men. In India, Islam has a key role in eliminating infidelity.

By adhering to our ideals, we can promote human values, such as being loyal to India, yet the Indian media, intellectuals, human rights activists and others from other fields can advocate India’s success in Kashmir. But sorry in India, cows are nothing but human beings. Many Indian media channels are violating all human values ​​and traditions, encouraging oppression by oppressing their government and extremists.

Indian media prefer its domestic interests, but it is sad to know that there is passion in the hearts of Kashmiris, whose sentiments India could not put an end to all the oppression, this great movement If you call Pakistan a conspiracy, then India’s cruel, oppressive Kashmir policy is automatically adopted.
Even when the rulers of Pakistan hesitate or hesitate to allow Kashmir to be resolved in the face of many such sacrifices, many questions arise over their Kashmir intention. The solution of Kashmir is the solution of human rights of the region. Kashmir is a movement of Kashmiris, and Kashmir is not a border issue between India and Pakistan, but the future of Kashmiris is a question, Hindus blaming each other for shifting global attention to Kashmir.

The Hurriyat leadership barely acknowledges that Kashmiris have condemned all sorts of killings, but expressed unilateral concern from the world and kept quiet when Kashmiris were killed by alien occupying forces on their land. Destroy properties, cripple them, disappear, murder and arrest them under black laws, forcibly evict your land.

Press conference by the Hurriyat Conference to thank the refugees of British refugees in India on humanitarian grounds in the wake of the Pulwama counter-attack in Lahore and the rise of state and non-state terrorism in India. Emergency press conference was held at the press conference, along with other political, social and human rights activists, including Hurriyat Engineer Mushtaq Mahmood.

The leaders appealed to the world to fulfill their responsibilities for resolving the Kashmir issue for peace and stability of the region. Leaders said that India has been trying a policy of oppression since 1948 to infringe on this fundamental right of Kashmiris, only to declare the Paloma attack as humanitarian and Indian oppression to suppress jihad independence despite international bail from India. Every peace and libertarian is concerned over the criminal silence of the world over evil.

Leaders said that India is trying every tactic of brutality to withdraw from Kashmiris’ rightful position, but peace protesters are being targeted by bullets, using illegal chemical weapons at international level. Going, Kashmiris are being blinded by plots, Hurriyat leaders are locked up in prisons under black laws.
Responding to a query, Engineer Mushtaq Mehmood said that Kashmiri youths are being killed under the All-Out Operation, the world is silent on this, a peaceful movement based on Indian injustice-based policy. Many highly educated youths are also forced to take up arms in order to suppress freedom.

The debate unravels a bitter truth in front of many non-Muslims, including human rights defenders, including one-on-one shouting against the recent Paloma attack on the basis of saving the lives of Indian soldiers, not targeting Kashmiris and accusing Pakistan. I am trying to raise that in the battle between Indian Army and Mujahideen in occupied Kashmir, the Indian Army is practically responsible for killing Mujahidin, even chemical weapons are being used. Are being considered as mujahid, then how is it possible that the mujahideen are Indian foes? Discard any chance against.

The Hurriyat leadership and the people of Kashmir are against all kinds of killings because the victims of oppression, the heirs of the six million slain Kashmiris, understand the pain of killing, Kashmiris on the basis of humanity to the Indian pilgrims and Indian soldiers in incidents and universal tragedies. The golden history of saving lives from loss is money, thanks to the great humanity of the Sikhs, especially Sikhs, at the press conference to provide shelter to the victims of Kashmir in India.

In India, where the lives and property of Kashmiris are being attacked, On the other hand, the peaceful Indians opened their hearts and homes to the Kashmiris, the press conference paid tribute to all such humanitarians. Those involved in violent incidents against Kashmiris in India belong to the rigid Hindu organizations, The manifesto is to wipe out the lower caste Hindus, secular liberals and minorities in India. Human rights are dominated by extremist cadres. In Pakistan, the fight against extremists is on the contrary. Terrorism and brutality are the rule of extremists and in this rule the Hindus It is impossible to take any action against those who kill Um, and violate other human rights.

Recent UN reports have also raised concerns over terrorism and state negligence in the name of religion in India, adding that the Kashmiris are being subjected to extremist Hindu violence in India, as an excuse for the Paloma attack, and their properties are being destroyed. Students, businessmen, workers, employees are educated in India. The recent wave of violence against Kashmiris in India has proved that India itself is acknowledging that Kashmir is not Indian but they are occupied by Kashmir.

In a press conference on the backdrop of violence against Kashmiris in India and the atrocities in occupied Kashmir, the UN Human Rights Commission called for the UN Home Ministry to break the criminal silence of the United Nations by mobilizing all its embassies in Kashmir. Pay attention to the world with report on Kashmir released. After Kashmiri students are expelled from Indian educational institutions, we hope that the doors of Kashmir students affected by public and non-governmental educational institutions, like the hearts of qualified Pakistan in Pakistan. Open.

The press conference appealed to the rulers of India that they should not focus on the well-being of their people by calling for their differences, not just from the atmosphere of war. Create. Imran Khan’s recent offer of Pakistan Prime Minister was called encouraging. The issue is settled at the global level of Kashmir and must be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions.

In the press conference, the rights of the Kashmiris based on the rights of the poor people of India have been acknowledged. Under a planned plan to create unlawful propaganda against Pakistan after the Paloma attack, to create a war environment, to restrict the interconnection routes, the genocide of Kashmiris. On the contrary, Pakistan is recognizing the Kashmiris’ position, which is why Kashmiris are preferring to be buried in the Pak flag.

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