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The money is about to turn

The Afghan Taliban have said that after moving to the United States, the Islamic State of Iraq or ISIS could not be a major threat to peace, but in the event of a peace deal, they can completely eliminate ISIS from Afghanistan in a month. In fact, ISIS has the support of the Afghan government, India and the United States. ISIS has never been a major force in Afghanistan, we were recently destroying them from the north of Afghanistan, but the US and the Afghan government moved them to other places and made them come alive once again.

We do not want to repeat the 90s situation in Afghanistan when civil war broke out. In response to talks with the Afghan government, the Afghan Taliban pointed out that there are two sides to the Afghan issue, one foreign and the other internal. And when they succeed, the Afghan government may have a dialogue in the next phase, but at the moment, we do not recognize the Afghan puppet government as a party oristic holder in recent negotiations.

The Taliban wants to establish a strong government in Afghanistan that will bring complete peace and prosperity to the region and make the people live a peaceful life. Establishment of strong government in Afghanistan is in consultation with pro-Afghan leaders. He said that in the form of a peace treaty, the organizations of the UN, Russia, China and Islamic countries could be held hostage.

According to US media, the Trump administration has made a clear change in its policy in Afghanistan and ordered a significant reduction in the number of its troops. In fact, the most important of the factors that have driven this progress is that this war has affected the American economic situation. Coca-Cola has been affected and is trying to persuade the American people to defeat the cause of defeat in Afghanistan that Trump has promised to the American people in his election campaign that he will withdraw US troops from all countries, including Afghanistan.

Then after taking over the presidency, his military advisers changed his mind and he not only increased the US forces in Afghanistan and flouted the promises made to his people by dreading bombs, like the mother of all bombs, to terrorize the Taliban. He was asked to do the same, which again refused to go to hell, which prompted Trump to become extremely straightforward and threatened to shut down NATO-funded funds, calling it a wasteless organization.

There are currently 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan. In addition there are about 8000 troops from NATO and allied countries in Afghanistan. These key role are training and consulting of Afghan forces. Also, a good number are involved in counter-terrorism operations, including air strikes and drone strikes. The decision will have a direct impact on the training of Afghan forces as well as operations.

There was a time in 2011/2012, when about one million foreign troops were involved in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan began during the previous presidency, and by 2014, the United States and NATO had ended military operations in Afghanistan and the number of US troops had reached ten thousand. Since then, Afghan forces have assumed the responsibility of security.

At present, the number of Afghan forces is three and a half million. After 2014, with the reduction of foreign forces, the Taliban’s strength and influence has also increased. The Taliban took advantage of the evacuation and expanded their control areas.

Afghan forces took action against the Taliban but suffered heavy losses. Thirty thousand Afghan soldiers have been killed in the war against the Taliban since 2015, while one hundred US troops have been killed in the same period.

One of the reasons for such a big difference is that US troops were no longer part of the military operations. Trump’s recent decision will certainly only increase the odds of Afghan forces. They have no choice but to deal with the situation. Although it is possible that the damage to the Afghan forces may increase because of this, the Afghan army will turn its back on the recent war with the Taliban, but it remains to be seen what NATO will decide after this US decision.

Meanwhile, due to the success of talks between the United States and the Afghan Taliban, a series of candidates has begun from various political parties for the July 20 presidential elections in Afghanistan and the first Barakantay candidate is expected. The last date for nominating presidential candidates was 31 January. Could be implemented.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Ashraf Ghani, Dr. Abdullah of Jamiat-e-Islami Afghanistan, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar of Hizb-e-Islami, Noorulhaq Alimi of the Millat Party, Zalmai Rasool, Naqib Padram, Hanif Atmar, Syed Noorullah Jalili, Framersmanna, Enayatullah Hafiz, Hakim Nabil, Ibrahim Alokzai of Alokozay Corporation, Wali Masood, Ahmad Shah Massoud’s brother, Sher Mohammad Abdali, Nur Rahman Loyal have submitted their nomination papers.

The presidential elections were to take place on April 20 this year But on the US request, the date of the election has been extended three months and now the elections will be held on July 20. This time not only the interest in elections has increased in Afghanistan, but important people, including heads of different parties, have shown special interest in the elections. Jamali is a regular and his regular help has also been decided.

India is trying to win a victory in Abdullah Abdullah or Ashraf Ghani, but Afghanistan’s elections are very exciting this time. These elections are taking place at a time when the Taliban and US are seriously negotiating for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan. Progress is likely to be made, but the Taliban have not yet made enough decisions to participate in all kinds of elections, but all candidates, their parties, and all its allies, including the United States, are aware that the Taliban rule over 60% of Afghanistan. Support any candidate S is of the utmost importance aurhzb get are trying to get the last champion of the head of the Islamic Gulbuddin wisdom yartalban the nomination papers badanhun void existing in Afghanistan Systems aurf US defeat asq declared has too quick a change in the constitution promised to change aurnzam.

Wise has also chosen his deputies from Turkmen and Tajik, who have no allegations and are both technocrats. Other important candidates who participated in the Afghan elections are Musharraf Ghani, the former NDS chief. However, Amrullah Saleh did not have the support of the Taliban because Amrullah Saleh’s reputation for Taliban and Pakistani animosity and Indian American patriotism is not hidden on any ladder, all of which are known to him by the Taliban at any time. Support cannot be obtained while Dr. Abdullah Ab The candidate and his chief of Jamiat Islami Afghanistan Taliban killed Burhanuddin Rabbani kaalzam praaydhy, he will be deprived of the Taliban’s last champion.

Former security adviser Hanif Atmari is one of the candidates who are acceptable to the Taliban after the altercation and has also been instrumental in negotiations with the Taliban, however, because of the close proximity of Hamid Karzai and the United States, he has resolved the issue while Noor Zamani has agreed. There is an expectation of a thorny battle for which transparent elections are being prepared, but the current presidential elections can be effective, while Abdullah Abdullah will not only try his best to hold the elections, but also in his area, in the face of riots, fraud and panic. The preparation for the Will is also being made. However, the biggest threat to Abdullah Abdullah is the candidate from Ahmad Wali Masood, but the real situation will come after the return of the nomination papers.

If Musharraf participates in the elections, the Shmali coalition will have to vote for the chambers as Yunus Qanuni is the vice-president of Hanafar Atmar while Hanif Atmar is represented by Ustad Chanel. Abdullah Abdullah has refused to hold the presidency of Ashraf Ghani because of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the head of the Islamic State.

Earlier, Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal was the candidate for Abdullah Abdullah’s vice president in the elections. On the one hand, there is an interest in the Afghan presidential election. Trump Capentagon orders immediate withdrawal of US forces (7,000) and withdrawal of troops, in addition to a two-point agenda that Afghanistan should not use against anyone in the past, the exchange of prisoners Significant changes have been made in the form of ideas and changes in the constitution, which analysts all over the world have described as victory for the Taliban.

The Taliban are aware that the complete withdrawal of all foreign forces is a demand of the Afghan people and a safe withdrawal, while all the countries of the world demand that the Afghan land be used against anyone in the future for which the Taliban have assured that the election will not be negotiated. And the candidate that the Taliban has openly or secretly announced will be the next president of Afghanistan, since it currently has more than 60% of the territory from the north of Afghanistan to the center of the Taliban, but also the Taliban’s other cities and territories. Successful progress is also being made on the side and after the successful negotiations, the people of the rest of the region are also waiting for the support of the openly Taliban, which will play a decisive role in the presidential elections and the Taliban. In the next presidential election, there will be a single group that will play a crucial role in the success of any candidate in the presidential election.

Afghanistan needs a president who, on the one hand, ensures a US withdrawal and on the other hand decides to compromise and share with the Taliban, but is in full alignment with the Taliban’s manifesto, and Gulbuddin Wishar is one of the most successful candidates in the current campaign.

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