Thursday , April 9 2020
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Lahore Kashmir reveals some bitter facts

As human beings, our ideas and religions may differ, but our true identity is humanity. If God will ignore the human tradition altogether then what is the difference between us and the wild beasts. After a thorough study of many religions I have come to the conclusion that sending avatars, …

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Kashmir is confined to the voice of the subcontinent

If Kashmir was only a problem for Kashmiris, the majority of Kashmiris for the better years of the last years would have raised the bodies in the horrifying sounds of thunderous bullets shot in the jaws of the army, with no end to hunger, nakedness, poverty and insecurity. In the …

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The money is about to turn

The Afghan Taliban have said that after moving to the United States, the Islamic State of Iraq or ISIS could not be a major threat to peace, but in the event of a peace deal, they can completely eliminate ISIS from Afghanistan in a month. In fact, ISIS has the …

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Judiciary Last Hope

It is not uncommon for institutions to be strong, free from political interference, working on the Merit Line, which cannot be ignored; these are the key points that will contribute to the growth, success, success, economic, The role of the frontrunner in social reforms but in my country the importance …

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the US

He said that the current situation facing Hong Kong is not the so-called human rights and democracy issues, but the issue of ending violence, rectifying order and upholding the rule of law as soon as possible. The US House of Representatives ignores the facts, reverses black and white, and calls …

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Ren Zhengfei’s wonderful beauty media

In the interview, the Associated Press reporter asked that some people in foreign countries are more critical of Huawei, and who is the company controlled by Huawei? Who has the decision-making power in Huawei? We now see that the top board and CEO of Huawei organization are Chinese. Does Huawei …

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